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We in the Parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel value and encourage the participation of children and young people at an appropriate level in Parish activities that enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional and social development.  We also treasure the participation of vulnerable adults at an appropriate level in parish life. We recognise the dignity and rights of all children and vulnerable adults and are committed to ensuring their protection and support.

In keeping with this we will do all in our power to create a safe environment for children and young people and for vulnerable adults in order to secure their protection and enable their fullest possible participation in the life of our parish.

Safeguarding Reporting Procedures
The contact numbers for the reporting of allegations of abuse are as follows:
Director for the Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults Mr. Andrew Fagan Phone: 01 – 8360314
H.S.E. Millbrook Lawns, Tallaght: Duty Social Worker: Phone: 01 – 4275012
Garda Síochána, Rathfarnham Officer on duty: Phone: 01 – 666500 www.garda.ie
Faoiseamh – an organisation which provides counselling to those who have suffered sexual abuse. To contact Faoiseamh: Phone: 1800 331234 www.faoiseamh.com
Parish Safeguarding Representatives: Mr Seán Fallon Phone: 086 8496460
Our Community Teams

We have a very active parish with many parishioners contributing generously with their time and hard work to the various activities in the Firhouse Parish.

If you would like to be part of any of the following groups, please e-mail the Firhouse Parish Office at:  [email protected]

Phone (01) 452 4702

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Ministers of the Eucharist
Ministers of the Eucharist distribute Holy Communion at all Masses Celebrated in the Parish Church.  At times Ministers of the Eucharist bring Holy Communion to the housebound in the Parish and to the local Nursing Homes on Sundays.

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

Ministers of the Word
Ministers of the Word proclaim the Word of God and lead Prayers of the Faithful at Masses and other Liturgical Events and lead the Word of God and Holy Communion Service when no priest is available to say Mass.

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

Firhouse Choir & Barbershop Choirmaster:

Ray Ryan Sings at Sunday morning 11.00.a.m. Mass.  Firhouse Choir has been singing and inspiring congregations and enchanting audiences for the past 44 years.

Rehearsals are held every Sunday at 10:30 before 11:00 Mass in Scoil Carmel.

If you would like to join, please come along to the rehearsal or contact Ray Ryan – Phone (01) 451 4376. You can also visit the Blue Heaven barbershop website.

Lirurgy Committee
The Liturgy Group seeks ways to enhance the celebration of Mass and other liturgical events and plans and organises special liturgies, e.g. during Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Corpus Christi etc. The first Liturgy group in Firhouse came together in 1999 to plan special celebrations for the Millennium.

Today the group is in total seven, comprising of the Parish Priest and six parishioners who meet every quarter to reflect and plan liturgies.  Our main focus is on the weekly parish celebrations of the Eucharist as well as special Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter celebrations.

We always welcome any new initiatives that would enhance the faith life of the parish. If you have any ideas or concerns do let us know by contacting the Parish Office at (01) 452 4702.

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

Bethany Bereavement Group
Introduction:  The Bethany Bereavement Support Group supports people or families in the Parish that have suffered bereavement.  It is a voluntary, parish-based ministry of people whose aim is to support others on their grieving journey.  The name Bethany recalls the visit of Jesus to Mary and Martha on the death of their brother Lazarus. The group was started in this parish in the early nineties.  At present there are just four of us working actively in the group, namely Ann Meade, Sheila Madden, Noel McEvoy and Olive Galvin.  All members have done a ten week training course initially, and we do various updates and training days to keep abreast with current practice.

What We Do:  In Firhouse we visit bereaved people or families in their homes, approximately six to ten weeks following a bereavement.  We also run a “Drop In” centre in the Edel Quinn room at the back of the Church, on the third Thursday of each month from 8.30.p.m. to 9.30.p.m., where bereaved parishioners are welcome to come and talk in confidence.

We organise the annual bereavement Mass in November.  We also help at two support weekends, previously held at the Augustinian Retreat Centre at Orlagh, Ballycullen Road, in November and February each year, and we have sponsored some bereaved parishioners for some of those weekends.

To conclude may we point out we are not a ‘counselling’ service.  Rather, we are a ‘listening ear’.  If we feel a person needs bereavement counselling we refer them to such a service.

Hospitality Committee
The Hospitality/Catering Group organises and prepares refreshments at parish events throughout the year.  It provides light refreshments like tea/coffee and biscuits or lunches of sandwiches, and tea/coffee as appropriate for special functions in the Parish; such as on the occasion of visiting choirs, retirements in the schools, Priests leaving, the Ceremony of Light for Confirmation, and any other occasion that occurs.

We also organise occasional fundraising coffee mornings, e.g. for Pieta House or the Pink Tie Crumlin Children’s Hospital charity.  The Group bake, set up tables, make tea and coffee and welcome all to our Parish. This takes a lot of work and organisation as at times there could be 200 to 300 guests to cater for.

If you would like to join the Group, please leave your name and contact number with the Parish Office – Phone No: (01) 452 4702

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

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Small Christian Prayer Groups
Small Christian Community Groups meet in fellowship to study scripture, to discuss it and pray together. There are two Small Christian Community (S.C.C.) groups in Firhouse.   ‘New Dawn’ meets every Monday night at 8.00.p.m. and ‘New Horizon’ meets every Wednesday morning at 11.00.a.m.

At the S.C.C. meetings we come together not just as people from the Parish but as Believers and Friends.  A candle is lit to remind us of the confidentiality and trust we share in supporting one another on life’s journey.  Over a cuppa we share the bits and pieces of everyday life.  We then listen prayerfully to the Word of God in the Gospel for the following Sunday.  We reflect on what it might be saying to us in light of what is happening in our own lives, in our country or the World.  We share our reflections and search for ways we can make a difference to improve situations, be it in our personal lives, in our family, our neighbourhood, or the wider society.  The purpose of this is not just to come together to pray which we also do, but it is to follow Christ by expressing an adult faith in action. We end each meeting by praying for individual, parish, national and international needs.

During the week we follow up on any task that comes from the scripture reflection and we take with us six/eight different reflections to the following Sunday, this together with the Priest´s homily makes our Sunday Liturgies more meaningful.

For more information on the Small Christian Community groups contact: New Dawn: (01) 494 3080 Theresa / New Horizon: (01) 451 7598 Mary

St Vincent de Paul
Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Conference of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Firhouse, visits families and individuals in the local area who ask for assistance and offers them financial support and friendship (all visits are confidential).

The Parish Conference was established in 1982.  The original members were Stephen Dollard, John O´Connor, Kevin McMahon and Barbara McDonagh.  Some additional members were brought in from surrounding conferences in Tallaght and Bohernabreena in the early weeks to help get the Conference up and running.  We got great encouragement at the time from the priests of the Parish.  Within a year the conference members were mostly volunteers and our helpers could all return to their own areas.

The Conference, which is still very active and busy, has been blessed with the continuing encouragement and help of all the priests who have ministered in Firhouse since the Conference was established.  The Carmelite Sisters were also most helpful in allowing our collections to be held outside their chapel.

The Conference acknowledges the tremendous support we have received from the parishioners over the years in our monthly church door and annual Christmas collections.  Without the continued support of the public, the work could not continue.

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

Legion of Mary
The Legion of Mary members give at least two hours per week to serve Christ in the sick, marginalised and needy.

What is it?  The Legion of Mary is an organization for lay Catholics.  Frank Duff founded it in Dublin in 1921 and it now has branches in almost every country in the world.  Its headquarters are in North Brunswick Street Dublin. Frank Duff recognized the important role, which develops in people, through Baptism, to live an Apostolic life; and in the Legion of Mary he provided a structure of prayer and work whereby members can fulfil that role.

What does it entail?  Active membership entails attending a weekly meeting and performing two hours apostolic work each week.  Work is assigned at the meeting and is always done in pairs.  Members place themselves in Our Lady’s hands, recognizing that she has no hands but ours, no feet but ours, no voice but ours to carry out her motherly role of tending Christ´s needs in everybody. Please come along to our meeting on Wednesday morning at 11.30am, VEQ Room, main entrance of Firhouse Church, and see how you too could allow Our Lady continue her work of caring for souls through your generosity of giving her a few hours each week.

Frank Duff A Life Story   Available from ´Bowman on Sunday´ are Programmes 25 and 26 from the archives on the life and times of Frank Duff.

Visit the Legion of Mary website

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

Communications Group
Working to update communications using current technology, including updating this website – ongoing.
Fundraising Committee
Firhouse Parish Social Fundraising Committee organises events to raise funds necessary for the parish to carry out its mission.  It is in operation for over 10 years now.

Every year the committee organizes a social night in St. Anne´s GAA Club in Bohernabreena and distributes two raffle tickets to every household in our parish.  The event accounts for 1/6 of the overall income of our parish.  Each year different projects are prioritized within our parish; and the social committee, through its fundraising events, ensure that these are completed.  Monies raised have been used for improvements in our church, for example kneelers re–upholstered, lighting upgraded in sanctuary area, church roof resprayed and many other incidental repairs.

The Firhouse Parish Social Fundraising Committee would welcome new members, sponsorship, help or any suggestions on offer within our parish.

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee advises the Parish Priest with the Parish Finances and advises in the Financial Management of the Parish.  The Committee meets about four times a year and advises the Parish Priest in relation to the general Finances of the Parish.  It reviews the Accounts and Bank Statements.

Once a year a budget is drawn up and the Committee advise on ways of keeping within the budget.  Any work to be carried out on the Church or Presbytery may also be discussed so that any major expenses can be anticipated and action taken in relation to Fund Raising if necessary. The Committee takes responsibility for the Family Offering Collection.  Records are reviewed on a quarterly basis.  If there are any areas within the Parish not contributing, a canvass is carried out to improve the situation.

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

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Church Envelope Collectors
The Family Offering Team collect Family Offering Envelopes in street or local area to enable and support the work of the Parish. The Family Offering Collection is used to defray the day to day running expenses of the Parish, such as wages, light, heating, insurance as well the Parish contribution to the two Primary Schools.

The Family Offering Team is made up of door to door Collectors, Supervisors and Counters.  The Collectors go out every week, very often on cold, wet and windy nights, to an area assigned to them.  The yearly total collected in this way is 75% of the total income so a huge debt of gratitude is due to these women and men.  The Collectors and Supervisors ensure that all boxes are delivered in the last week of November every year so that all contributors have their envelopes on time.

If anyone, with time to spare,would like to help with this very rewarding work please get in touch with the Parish Office.

If you are new to the Parish or not already contributing and would like to do so please leave your name and address at the Parish Office and we will arrange for a Collector to call to you.  You may also contribute by standing order, a very convenient means of contributing that cuts down on a lot of work for our Collectors.

The Parish, like all other Charities, can claim a refund of tax for Parishioners contributing in excess of €250 per annum.  If you have contributed more than €250, paying tax by PAYE and have not already received a CHY2 Cert please ask for one. We would remind those who have not returned their tax forms to complete them and leave them back to the Parish Office as soon as possible.

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

Care of the Church Group
Care of the Church Group:  His disciples remembered that it is written: “Zeal for your house will consume me.” (John 2:17)

Care of the Church Group vacuum, clean and polish in the Church so it continues to be a beautiful place appropriate for worship.  These volunteers get to work, after the 10.00.a.m. Mass on Tuesdays, to vacuum, clean and polish the church so it continues to be a beautiful place, appropriate for worship.

New volunteers are always welcome to join.  Remember, “many hands make light work.”

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

Church Flower Arrangers
Flowers and Altar Cloths:  Volunteers beautify the altar area of the Church with appropriate flowers for the celebration of Mass and other occasions.

Flowers: Volunteers tend to the flowers for all occasions in our Church.

Altar Cloths: Special care is taken of the Altar Cloths by a volunteer who cleans and prepares them for Mass.

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

Church Garden Volunteers
Church Gardens/Courtyards Volunteers upgrade and maintain the Church Gardens so God’s creation can enhance our place of worship.

A helping hand or green fingers?  This group of volunteers meet each Monday after 10.00 a.m. Mass for about an hour, to upgrade our church gardens over time – planning, planting, pruning and caring for the plants is an ongoing activity.  The addition of some appropriate garden furnishings and other “fixed assets” enhances the outcome.  The gardens are designated seasonal, one for Spring, one for Summer, one for Autumn and one for Winter so each will look its best at the appropriate time.

Could you help clean, tidy and if you have even slightly green fingers help restore the four gardens to their original Four Seasons themes.  You would be very welcome to join us on Mondays after 10.00.a.m. Mass.

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

Pastoral Council
Parish Pastoral Council:  A Leadership Group working with the Priest for the good of the Parish In 1986, the first Parish Pastoral Council was formed in Firhouse, when the then Parish Team (Fr. Con Sayers, Fr. John Dunphy and the Parish Sister Fionnuala O’Sullivan O.P.) invited Parishioners to a Parish Pastoral Planning Meeting.

At that meeting the Team cited the Decree on the “Apostolate of the Laity” of Vatican II as the reason why the laity, by virtue of their Baptism and Confirmation, should play an active part in working with the Priests to promote the Faith Life of the Parish.

Following this meeting a group was formed to represent each area of the parish.  Down through the years a Parish Pastoral Council has been elected every three years to look at, and respond to the Pastoral Needs of the Parish.  Today Firhouse Parish Pastoral Council, chaired by Seán Fallon (Acting), continues to work to share the good news of Christ with Parishioners in the Parish of Firhouse.  The other members of the current P.P.C. are Richard Flood, Ray Mulrooney, Anna Prior, Mary Reaney, Fr. Peter Reilly and Theresa Saab.

If you would like help from any group, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office: [email protected]

Theatre Social Group
Firhouse Theatre Group (2001) Fostering Community Spirit:  This group contributes to community spirit by enabling people to meet in a neutral venue – a local theatre – for a chat and a pleasant night out.

The Group was set up to help contribute to a community spirit in Firhouse and to enable people to meet in a neutral venue for a chat and a pleasant night out.  There are 45 members, joining fee is €10, renewable when funds run out.

We are very lucky to have two Theatres so close to us, The Civic Theatre at the Square,  and the Mill in Dundrum.  It is a constant battle for these Theatres to fill seats and they really appreciate our help and support.

New members will be made very welcome by the Group and the Theatres.

Contact can be made through the Parish Office, Phone (01)  452 4702

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